Losing Progress

  • I spent about 30 minutes working on my app. When I was done, I tried to exit the editor and save my progress. However, it's already been frozen on the "saving level..." screen for the past 15 minutes. Any thoughts on what to do?

    Lately, Hyperpad has been glitchy. Can it run on the latest version before IOS 10, or does it need the IOS 10 upgrade?

    I'm running on an iPad Mini, and it doesn't support the latest IOS.

  • Luckily it saved.
    @administrators is there anything I should do if I experience this again?

  • Admin

    Backup your projects regularly. Backup your iPad, etc. Unfortunately, as time goes on, the older iOS devices start to eat up more resources.

  • @Hamed Can I email you or @Murtaza for help with Xcode? Apple hasn't been responding. :(

  • Admin

    Sure! If you're dealing with Xcode errors, its usually something on our end, so let us know as soon as possible.

  • Ok, I sent it out to you!

    I do not know whether you or @Murtaza will receive it, but I copied/pasted it off of our old chains. It was also a little awkward because I've been having all my previous discussions with Apple through my distinct apple email.


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