Scene Logic is Screwy

  • So, finally tried to make a full game and the scenes get screwy (the sort of thing that keeps me from really getting into Hyperpad). It is frustrating to say the least.

    Something like this has happened before but I didn't know how to re-created it (came up unexpected). But I had about 6 scenes labeled Scene 1-7. Each was a duplicate of the scene prior, except for the 7th scene which was a duplicate of the 2nd or 3rd. Then I added a scene (not a duplicate, just added one) and added some text that when you touch it, it takes you to the first scene.

    So I delete the last scene and suddenly scene 3 becomes scene 8 and scene 4 become scene 9? Or something like that.

    So now, when I load the game, I can't get too far before I get an error message:


  • I've noticed that Change Scene doesn't point to a specific scene, but rather to a slot in the scene order. So, if you add or subtract a scene you have to manually go into any behavior that points at scenes and change it. It's annoying.

  • And...

    A scene is completely gone!

  • Admin

    When you run into this issue, please send the project to immediately. The more you change things, the more broken it can get.

    When emailing, let us know the error, the way to reproduce, which scene is broken, what version of hyperPad you're running, what kind of iPad you're using, and what iOS you're running.

    Hopefully you have a backup of the project.

  • @Hamed i try but no one ever responds and now it's happened to me

  • Admin

    @Miniwolfen said in Scene Logic is Screwy:

    @Hamed i try but no one ever responds and now it's happened to me

    If you fill out the personal support form we will respond within 24 hours. Just make sure you fill out the personal support form as that is the most reliable way of your email getting to us.

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