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  • My app is almost finished and I'm considering whether I should post it on the hub. Questions:

    1. I've read on the forum that you cannot take down apps once they've been posted on the hub. Is that true? I'd want to take it down once it's in the app store so that I'm not competing with myself.
    2. If friends wanted to test it out on the Hub, do they need to download HP and create a login?


  • @This 1. no you can't take them off the hub.
    2. I think right know they would have to get hyperpad and a login, but I think they are working on a free viewer app for iPad and iPhone.

  • Admin

    Although there is no way to remove it, you can always update it ad add some limitations (but please don't make it useless/blank).
    Then have a button open a App Store URL. Could be a good way to get some of the HyperPad community to download the App Store version :)

    As for your friends and family, yes they will need to download HyperPad and sign up to play. As @iTap-Development mentioned we'll be releasing a player app l soon, but it will only be for iPhone since HyperPad is already free on iPad :).

  • Thanks all! So, I know, what's the general idea behind the hub? Why would I post there instead of say just wait a little bit longer and have people use Test Flight?

  • @This to get feed back on your project as you add features, and to see if people like your game.

  • Admin

    With the hub you can test early on and iterate very quickly.

    By the time you get up and running on TestFlight, and get friends to download and try you could have already uploaded many more versions and fixes to the hub.

    Plus the hub comments make it really easy to get feedback. With TestFlight your relying on users going out of their way to email you. On the hub when they're done playing the comments are already there making it easy to give feedback.
    In the near future we'll also be putting more emphasis on comments to encourage users to leave constructive feedback.

  • Admin

    Another benefit to the hub is that you can build a community around your project early on. I bet your first few App Store downloads will be HyperPad users as long as they know when it's in the App Store.

    We're a small community, but I think everyone is cheering each other on and happy to help spread the word any way they can.

  • You don't need to pull it off the hub, just update it so that the version on the App Store is better in some way than the one on the hub.

  • Got it. Thanks all!

  • @Murtaza I agree!

  • Well I did a BRANCH on a project that I already uploaded on the Hub to iterate and experiment on it. It turned out that I developed on it too much ...
    How do I update the Hub one with my new Branch-ed version?
    When I upload it looks like a totally new app for the Hub and I do not want to duplicate it under another name.
    Thanks !

  • @CAnesia If it's the branched version, I'm pretty sure it's impossible not to upload as a separate project.

  • @Aidan-Oxley well then I have a problem ... (need to remake the original version)
    @Murtaza can you guys remove it from Hub?

  • @CAnesia if you name it the name of the original and then tap overwrite it should upload as the original. I think it should work.

  • @iTap-Development There's an overwrite button? If that works I never knew of it, but I never branch my own projects (when I want backups I use airdrop to Notes).

  • @Aidan-Oxley if you give a project a name that already exists you get a popup asking if you want to overwrite.

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