Suggestion: Overlay blend mode

  • Although I just figured out how to get overlay working in hyperPad, it would be cool if the overlay blend mode was added. To get it create the overlay effect I have to split the image into two parts, one being all colours above 50% greyness and the other 50% below, then do a bit more photoshop editing to those two images, then the parts of the image overlaying the 50% and above image part has to apply additive, and the image overlaying the 50% and below has to apply multiply. Overlay blend mode in hyperPad would make that a lot easier 😛. (Could be useful for a custom background maker for example, make a black and white image as the background then have a single colour image with the users colour choice applying an overlay to the background).

  • Admin

    This is going to come at the same time as lighting.

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