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    This is a forum for users of hyperPad. With your registration on the forum you declare your agreement to the following conditions:
    We will and can not review messages or confirm the validity of any information posted within the Forum. We cannot vouch for or warrant the accuracy of any message, and we disclaim any responsibility for the day to day management of the forum content.

    The forum is moderated and administrated by user volunteers. Moderators and administrators may not be related to us and do not represent us in any way.

    Messages posted express the sole view of the author. This includes messages by moderators, administrators, or our employees, as long as the message is not explicitely given as an official announcement. Any user feeling that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact the webmaster. As administrators of the Forum, we reserve the right to remove any message for any reason it deems necessary, without providing a reason.

    When posting content, screenshots or videos on this forum, you agree that we may use them for advertising purposes, for instance on the hyperPad website or user testimonials, unless this is explicitly disclaimed in the posting.

    There is no censorship. Forum members may discuss any theme on this forum, including competitor products, with the following exceptions:

    • Do not post requests or informations about illegal software ("warez"). If you want to inform us about illegal software, contact us at
    • Do not ask for or post information about personal passwords.
    • Do not post advertisements or solicitation for products or services not related to hyperPad.
    • Do not post copyrighted material without permission of the author.
    • Do not post vulgar, racist, or insulting messages.
    • Keep your messages to the topic, and refrain from personal remarks about other members.
    • Do not post senseless messages, messages not contributing to the topic, or repeated messages ("spamming").
    • Don't bump threads. This applies not only to posts that say "bump" but to those with the intent to bump.
    • Please post in English. Despite our international audience, this is an English language site.
    • One account per user. Don't post from multiple accounts. Use of proxies is prohibited.

    Any user who violates any of these guidelines will be cautioned or banned from the forum, depending on the severity of the violation. Repeated offenders will be banned. If you are banned and want to know the reasons or conditions for being reinstated, contact us at

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