A few questions

  • Does anyone have any ideas how you could make a snake
    Like in slither.io with hyperPad?:snake:

    @Murtaza or @Hamed, would you have any recommendations for what specs I would want for a mac? Like what you'd need for running Xcode? EDIT: I'm asking because my dads mac was slow running the simulator.

    @Murtaza or @Hamed When making a multiplayer game, would you like get an objects position constantly, and constantly set positions on like a 0 timer? Also, if a character shoots, would you use the emit to socket behavior to trigger the character on the other players iPad to shoot? Or how would that work?:video_game:

    @Murtaza would the talk to code behavior let you set an objects collision, or set the graphic to a graphic from outside hyperpad?

    @Murtaza will (prefab) hierarchies let you dynamically add a child object? EDIT: oops, I meant hierarchies not prefabs.

  • For making a snake: super laggy way could be to place objects where the player is every 0 seconds that delete themselves after a few seconds, or place objects not every 0 seconds that stretch themselves to fill the gap. Or another way is to have a bunch of physics objects that are all joined together in a chain of physics attaches.

  • @Aidan-Oxley yeah I guess there probably isn't a really good way to do it. Hopefully that type of thing is added in the future!

  • I was playing with a snake-type game a while ago. Actually it was a bookworm eating books. I just uploaded it to the hub, it’s called BookWorm, and is branchable.

    The worm is formed by a chain of body segments (circles) and a head segment. Rather than moving all of the segments around, an illusion of movement is created by moving the head segment forward, adding a new body segment where the head was, and deleting the last (tail) segment. For this game, the worm only moves left, right, up, or down. Getting movement in any direction like the snakes in Slither would take a bit more work!

    Hope this helps.

  • @mc-games yes I checked it out! It's pretty good!!!
    You should make that into a multiplayer game like slither!

  • Admin

    Specs for a mac:
    Typically a mid tier to top tier macbook pro or iMac would be best. Especially if you're running a retina simulator.
    But if you're computer is slow, try running an iPad 2 simulator as that is less resource intensive.

    Objects position:
    You don't need a timer to update another players position. The socket is always listening.
    So you connect a "Move Object" behaviour to your socket event behaivour and output the stockets value to the move. Now every time the socket gets something from the server, it will execute the move.

    For shooting:
    On the local side you do something like:
    On hit by bullet: emmit socket. Then emmit something like 1, or what ever value you want to represent a hit.

    Then on the other side you have a socket event which is always listening for the hit value.
    Then just do an if. If hit =1 decrease health.

    Talk to code:
    How this would work is like this.
    On press button. Execute code "RealCode"

    Then on Objective C/Swift, you write a function called "RealCode" that is executed.
    So then you will use our API to access engine functionality to do things like changing an objects appearance, collision, or what ever.
    But note that our physics engine is a hardbody physics engine, so you cant dynamically change collisions on the fly.
    What you would need to do is destroy the old physics body, then create a new one. We'll give you access to do this though.

    We're still planning this one out. So we don't know yet. Since the system will basically replace layers, you will (hopefully) be able to move objects between levels dynamically.
    But we'll know more as it gets closer.

  • @Murtaza so how about sending an objects position....does that need a timer?

    Also, I just saw the new iMac pro!!! Do you think 18 cores is enough??!! Lol

  • Admin

    What ever updates your position should also do emit socket at the same time.

    for example:
    Joystick right moves your character right, and also emits the position.

    New iMac pro should do... 🤤

  • @Murtaza ok thanks!

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