How to ger blur effect?

  • How can I add a blur effect. For example when the pause menu initiates the whole level blurs while the pause menu shows?

  • I don't think hyperPad has that, but I think it would be awesome if it were added as like a filter or just something that could be used with transparent empty objects (or semi coloured empty objects for tinted blur).

  • Rather than a blur effect you could just make it a shade darker, which also has a nice effect.

  • Admin

    We'll eventually be adding "shaders" to do this.

    But for now, what you can do is put a semi transparent blury graphic over the screen. It won't be 100% perfect but can achieve a similar result.

  • Aren't shaders just when you put a light source somewhere on the screen and shadows appear off of the objects away from the source of light? Or do you mean, they will include multiple effects like blur, etc?

  • Admin

    Lighting is one type of shader (which we're adding hopefully in the next version)

    But shaders can do all sorts of cool effects. Blur being one of them :).

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