Developer tier lost

  • So when I got out from one of my projects hyperPad told me that my backup storage is full and told to to upgrade and when I checked I saw that I was a indie. I then checked the App Store in the subscriptions page to see if I’m still subscribed amd I was. Here’s a pic7for proof (has to censor some things sorry)


    Edit: I just had to restore purchases but I still thing it’s a bug that should be looked at

  • Admin

    Hey, sorry for the delayed response.

    Sometimes this is out of our hands. Unfortunately Apple makes it really difficult for developers to access this information. So if our stored data and Apples stored data differ at all, you may run into this state where your subscription (or other in-app purchases) will disappear.

    This is why we have the Restore purchases button in the app. Additionally if you were to try and make the purchase again it will automatically restore it and not actually make the purchase again.

    Otherwise there is not much we can do on our end to stop this from ever happening.

  • It might also be due to the fact that you've updated to the iOS 11 beta. It has a high rate of cancelling subscriptions, as well as making unknown in-app purchases. I suggest you downgrade somehow.

  • @Evolution Last time I tried to downgrade I had to take my iPad to the apple store. Also I’m using public beta so it should be alright

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