Update 1.19 Now Available

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    Our latest 1.19 version is finally released! As usually this free update brings amazing new features and bug fixes.

    We’ve introduced a new student tier. We’ll be posting a separate article which goes over what that means and the changes. But you can learn some details from our education page at www.hyperpad.com/education

    We’re also going to be rolling out some changes on how the hub works. The goal of the changes is to put control in the hand of the community, so you can choose shat belongs in the hub and what doesn’t This isn’t live just yet but will be in the next few weeks. We’ll have more details soon, keep an eye out for a post relating to the changes.

    Finally, we're going to be trying to move our blog over from Tumblr to our Facebook page. So like our facebook page for the most up to date news from hyperPad. We also post links to resources and game design videos some times.

    What’s New:

    • New Broadcast/Receive message behaviors. These are now key/value based so you can use a single receive message behavior to handle multiple broadcasts, additionally dynamically send and receive messages between objects
    • Transform behaviors now have the option of using a speed rather than a duration. This makes it easier to chain multiple movements and keep objects in sync.
    • New interactive users to help new users learn the basics of hyperPad.
    • Objects are now preselected in behavior object selection screen
    • New “Student” tier. Students get access to Developer tier features (minus exporting) for a one time purchase.
    • “Indie” Tier has been renamed to “Enthusiast”

    What’s Fixed:

    • Fixed “Connection Error” when signing up for a new account within the app
    • Fixed bug where you can still delete/duplicate behaviour when selecting an object
    • Fixed bug where destroying spawned objects would eventually cause project to slow down
    • Fixed Ads not pausing music
    • Joystick Controlled behavior can now be disabled
    • Behaviors with slide out input fields now update immediately
    • Move to point now show relative positions (%)
    • Fixed bug where duplicated behaviors do not get positioned properly
    • Fixed crash when getting a value from an array
    • Fixed crash when setting an array to a blank value
    • Fixed bug when play animation would not trigger an event in specific situations
    • Removed unused slider for play animation behavior
    • Added missing animation properties to tilt control
    • Fixed log outs on weak wifi signal
    • Fixed log outs when iPad is offline

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