The new Student Tier!

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    So we've made some changes with the hyperPad tiers.

    Free is the same, Indie has been renamed to "Enthusiast", and now we've introduce a new Student tier.

    This student tier is geared towards classrooms, schools, and to those who just want to experiment with the Developer tier features without any plans to monetize.

    The Student tier replaces the old hyperPad education service. After receiving a lot of feedback from teachers and schools we came up with this more affordable solution. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars per month for a class, you are only charged $15 (USD) per student as a one time fee. You can purchase this as an In-App-Purchase which is immediately applied to each student account. We’re also offering a 30% discount for classes (or schools) with 30+ students who need to do a bulk purchase (contact us first!)

    A major change from the old education service, is that schools no longer get their own private hub/community. This is now a separate optional service (contact us for pricing). Your students now share the hub with the rest of the hyperPad community.
    Also, all structured classes are required to purchase a student license for each student, and accounts may not be shared/reused. Breaking this rule can result in account suspensions or school suspensions!

    Last but not least: You don’t need to be a student! That’s right. You can experience almost all “Developer” tier features for only $15! How ever there are some limitations.

    Here are the key differences between Student and Developer Tiers:

    • Students do not have access to monetization features. This means no access to Google Admob.
    • Students can not export to the App Store.
    • Students only get 1GB of cloud back up storage compared to 10GB for Developer users.
    • Students do not get custom avatars or profile banners
    • Students do not get custom project banners for the hub
    • All student projects submitted to the hub are subject to community review before being added to the main hub. Failing to get enough community votes the projects will automatically be removed
    • Students can not take part in the community review.

  • @Murtaza where do community review projects go before the hub? Where do you find them?

  • Admin

    It's not live just yet.
    Doing this update in phases so we don't get bombarded with bugs or things not working all at once.

    Hopefully first few days of November.

  • @Murtaza oh ok

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