Change Background Colour for ALL of Level/Scene: HOW?

  • I've got a project Scene that's larger than the camera view, and is setup with the Scene View, and a black background. As soon as the camera moves any amount in any direction, the background colour is revealed to be only a box the size of the launch screen's camera view.

    1. Why is this?

    2. How do I make a universal background colour change, regardless the size (and shape) of my level?

    Here's an example of the sort of problem I'm talking about:


  • Admin

    You can change the background colour here by opening the scene settings:

    But you will have to do this for each scene.

    In the editor, the background does not change the colour of the entire work space, because the grey rectangle represents the visible screen space, and that is actually the background you're changing.

  • @Murtaza Is there anyway I can change the colour of that grey editor space? I'm using a lot of very lightly coloured, transparent objects that I simply can't see on the grey background, at all. In that screenshot, for example, there are four massive background images covered in hexagons, to the right of the Scene area, that you can't see... but are actually there.

    It's super annoying that I can't work with transparent highlight images without them being basically invisible agasint the background of the work area.

  • Admin

    Unfortunately not :(. Only thing I could think of is the dark colour scheme in the Dev tier.

  • @Murtaza

    Here's the sorts of things hiding out in that grey/beige wasteland:

    3_1509057441396_Grid-blockA_DARK.png 2_1509057441396_Grid-blockBDARK.png 1_1509057441396_Grid-blockCDARK.png 0_1509057441395_HexGridDARK.png

  • Admin

    Yeah..... I can see where that would get annoying!

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