"Meters" to Pixels: How?

  • If I'm working in 4:3, and I know on an iPad, in points, I want to think of an object in terms of its size as follows:

    1024x768 pts is size of iPad screen.

    Character design is 96 x 96 pts = 192 x 192 pixels

    How do I ensure my object is this size in the meters system of hyperPad?

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    Take a look at Point-to-meter ratio

  • @Hamed While this shows the pixel sizes of the screens, it doesn't mention anything about the meter sizes of the screens, at any given zoom level.

    How do I ascertain the size of the screen, in meters, at a zoom level of 1?

    Do I just create an object, drag it around and figure out what the size of the screen is by looking at the Property Inspector?

    Surely that's a bit ridiculous.

  • I've just done just that, and found an iPad to be 32m by 24m.

    Is that the same for smaller iPads? I can't know cause I'm only working on the large Pro model.

  • @Deeeds I’m pretty sure the pixel to metre ratio stays the same, so smaller iPads have less metres on their screen. I could be wrong though, I don’t have a smaller iPad to try it on.

  • @Aidan-Oxley So you're using the same size iPad I'm using?

  • Admin

    All 4:3 iPads will have 32mx24m screen size.

    The pixel (or more accurately point) to meter ratio allows you to adjust this. By default, 1M =32pts.

    On image import hyperPad assumes you're importing a retina image (unless you turn off the toggle on the import window). This means it will create a duplicate non retina version for smaller devices.
    So if you import a 256x256px image, it will create a 128x128 version. They appear the same visually because the retina iPad condenses the pixels in the same screen space.
    So the same 32 meter space contains double the pixels.

  • @Murtaza So iPad Mini’s also are 32 × 24? @Deeeds I’m using iPad Air.

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    Yup. All iPads should be showing the exact same thing on screen.

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