hyperPad becoming unresponsive for seconds

  • Quite frequently, now, hyperPad is increasingly having little bouts of unresponsiveness. Each last for anywhere between about a second and several seconds. This is most noticeable in the Behaviours Editor, but is also happening in the Scene Editor when moving objects. I don't have a lot of Behaviours, and very few objects. It's still a very simple setup wherein I'm only testing/experimenting/exploring/iterating setups of a core mechanic. Nothing else.

    Is this common?

    iPad Pro 12.9 (the old one) and iOS 11's latest beta.

    No other apps are doing this. I use a lot of the drawing and sketching apps, and Keynote much more than I'd like to admit.

  • @Deeeds I’m using an iPad Air and my hyperPad doesn’t freeze unless either I just opened hyperPad after closing it a few seconds ago (well, all my apps do that lol), or if I’m running the project doing something that could freeze it (like a very long loop). Might it have anything to do with how much storage space you have left or something?

  • Wait, iOS 11 BETA? I’m using the latest official iOS 11. If you’re using the Beta it could possibly cause lag problems. Anyway first thing I would try is simply completely close and reopen hyperPad, after that if still laggy shut down iPad and then start back up.

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