Any chance Scenes are broken?

  • So far I've been duplicating scenes, using this as a way to overcome the lack of Undo so I can experiment safely in the knowledge I have a backup of the last state when everything worked as I wanted.

    Just now, I wanted to create a blank, new scene, to do some experiments. So I did. Put my one object in it, set it to animate how I expect, and hit play.

    The last scene I duplicated started running IN FRONT of the new (nearly empty) scene. Which I thought was weird.

    Then when I pressed Stop to return to the editor, my new (nearly empty) scene now contains everything from the previous scene.

    Is this how it's supposed to work?

  • Admin

    There used to be a bug with duplicated scenes that did something similar to this.
    @Hamed could this be related?

    To save time can you send the project to that way when hamed chimes in he'll already have the project :).

  • @Murtaza I have no idea how to send projects.

  • Admin

    On the projects screen, tap the ... button, then select "Email Download Link"

  • @Murtaza where is this hosted?

  • Admin

    They are stored on hyperPad servers. But if you don't want that you can also share as an attachment (limited to email limits of ~10mb). To do this, select airdrop instead of email download link.
    Then in the airdrop pop up select Mail.

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