• Is the "Lifetime Developer" tier ($149.99) still available? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

  • @Cryptic-Level-Studios Yes. In the Projects tab of hyperPad, press the icon in the top left corner, then press settings (cog), then scroll down and press become a developer.

  • Admin

    No it’s no longer available. We only offer monthly now.

    Instead we introduced the cheaper student tier which has almost all the same functionality, but you don’t get to export.

  • @Murtaza
    1_1510141912101_1E15D518-593D-48D8-BB55-9970D0AB182B.png 0_1510141912096_564FDCCF-664C-46CB-BCF3-DE462BC7B94A.png
    Why do these show different prices? And if it’s actually a year, why does it cost more to subscribe yearly than monthly? Or is it referring to lifetime purchase and shouldn’t be there because you said it shouldn’t offer lifetime any more? So users who already purchased lifetime get to keep it? I was hoping to buy lifetime eventually. EDIT: Oh I see I didn’t read the student part, and that student tier is permanent. Still, there are a few things it doesn’t let you do such as custom game hub banners.

  • Admin

    Indie (now Enthusiast): 4.99 USD once.
    Student: $15 USD once
    Developer: $9.99/month, or $99/year

    Looks like lifetime is still accessible in some parts of the app. That's a bug. The purchase will still work, so get it while you can if you want it ;).

    As for why yearly may be showing up as more, it could be using your local currency. I know we changed the pricing to show local currency. It could be conflicting and showing USD in some parts.

  • @Murtaza So even though it has (year) next to the price, it will still be permanent?

  • Admin

    In your first picture it looks like it’s the yearly subsbctiption. The 159 price I’m guessing is in your currency (unless you’re in the US?)

    The second picture shows the lifetime purchase that should continue and let you make the purchase.

  • @Murtaza The first picture is what happens when I press the Subscribe button underneath “149.99 once” in the second picture. I’m in Australia.

  • Admin

    Oh ok.

    Then what's happening is it's showing the option for lifetime but it's taking you to the yearly subscription. The second image is actually web based, so I think on the web side on the settings page it's being routed wrong.

    So lifetime isn't available, it just say it is. Nice catch, we'll fix that asap!

    As for the pricing, I looked into it.
    There is in fact a discount on yearly.
    In Australia it is $14.99 AUD for each month, and $159 for the year.

    That same pop up is being populated from the web side of things and is only using US pricing.

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