Scale By -> Percent -> Negative values wonky

  • Positive numbers work as expected.

    Negative numbers behave very strangely.

    -50% = object disappears on itself. Anything beyond that = flipping

  • Admin

    Scaling by negative numbers is supposed to flip. That's by design and was introduced a few updates back.

    As for the object disappearing, that sounds new.

  • @Murtaza Look more closely at what I'm saying. At -50% the object has gone.

    It shouldn't disappear until -100%, at which point it's GONE!

    -100% of anything is nothing.

    Flipping, beyond -100% is to be expected.

    Hence: WONKY!!!

  • Is there something different about your object to mine? I just tested this, scaling negatively works completely normal. -50% gives flipped and squashed image, -100% is normal. The only time it disappears for me is at 0%.

  • @Aidan-Oxley You're using Scale To, I assume. I'm talking about Scale By

  • @Deeeds I'm having the same as Aidan. Scale by is additive, not multiplicative. Is your object at 50% scale at the start?

  • @Jack8680 Argh, got it. You're right.

    It's not relative to current state, it's absolute (literal) amount of scale.

    Which begs the question:

    • how is "Scale By" different from "Scale To" ???

    I don't see that it is.

  • @Deeeds scale to changes the scale to the value you input; scale by adds the amount to the current scale. If you want to multiply the scale you'll have to use get scale and multiply that, then use that in scale to.

  • @Jack8680 Do you think "Scale by" is accurately describing addition?

  • @Deeeds I could see it meaning either. Maybe a toggle for "multiply" or "add" could work, or perhaps renaming the behaviour to "add to scale". For me it's not an issue since I know how it works and I almost never use it, but I can see it being confusing to others.

  • Admin

    Scale By is based on the current scale of the object, and Scale doesn't take the current state into consideration.

    So Scale By, will scale the current (default 100% scale) object by 100%. Making it 200%.
    If you have Scale to on the same object and set it to 100% it will do nothing since it's already at 100%. If you want to make it the same size as above then Scale to 200%.

    But, if you're dealing with an object that has already been reduced. Say to 50%.
    Scale by 100% will scale the object by an additional 50% making it a total of 150%.

    If you use Scale to 100%, it will make your 50% sized object back to it's original 100.

    I guess think of Scale To as setting the scale, and as Jack said, Scale By is adding to the current scale.

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