Particle Editor: Snapping Sliders = impossible numbers.

  • When creating particle effects, a lot of the best looking stuff involves subtle use of values in close proximity to the snap or default values.

    With very small sliders, aggressively snapping sliders, no direct value entry and no getters and setters for particle system values, this means entire swathes of useful ranges of values simply aren't accessible.

    This is true on the largest iPad Pro. On a little iPad mini I can't even imagine how frustrating this is.

    Immediate solution: provide a switch to turn snapping sliders off.

    Better solution: Provide direct value input.

    Best solution: All of the above plus the ability to get, set and animate the setting of all values of particle systems in the Behaviour Editor.

  • @Deeeds Set particle values 😮 that would be cool. Also, for more precise slider, press and hold the slider circle without moving it, you should notice when it goes into precise mode.

  • Admin

    We're going to redesign the particle editor to use input fields so you have better control :).

  • @Murtaza Very good news. Cheers

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