Arrays Don't like Negative Numbers

  • @Aidan-Oxley OR... You could trust me that these things are happening, the way I'm saying they're happening.

    On the weight of averages, much of what I've said you've seen is true. Assume the rest is, too It will help me not want to snap when you say "not happening for me...." for the hundredth time.

  • @Deeeds if you are not willing to post a test project showing what’s wrong, and no one else can reproduce it, how the heck are they supposed to fix it? At last without spending a lot of time. Which means your hundred other bugs will have to wait to be fixed.

    @Deeeds said in Arrays Don't like Negative Numbers:

    @Jack8680 It happened, I repeated it, and I don't want to spend my life sourcing and proving bugs for something I'm not an owner of, so I moved onto things that do work. And continue to progress.

    I've enough experience with these matters to know not to waste my time doing QA for others for free.

    Sure you don’t own the app, but as a user if you want it better you have to do your part.
    And it looks more like others( @Jack8680 and @Aidan-Oxley) are wasting THEIR time doing QA for you.
    You’ve got complaining down to a fine art, but don’t seem willing to help fix things.

  • @iTap-Development I don't need them to do QA for me. They can stop at: doesn't happen for me, has never happened for me, have always seen this, or "never tried this".

    Anything more isn't their problem. I'm not posting these things for their benefit, NOR FOR MINE!!!!

  • @iTap-Development this is the bug report part of the "forum", I don't expect or ask that ANYONE other than Hamad look at these. Suggesting that it might be something in my project when I've ALREADY isolated that possibility is just ridiculous. Yes, they and you are wasting your time if you want to inspect my projects to prove I'm wrong on your install on your iOS version on your device. It's what I'm seeing and I've isolated it, reproduced it and become certain of it.

    AND THEN I've decided it's probably a sufficiently annoying problem that Hamad should know about it and there should be some public record of it incase someone else ever has the same problem.


    I thought the above would be obvious.

  • @administrators @iTap-Development @Aidan-Oxley @Jack8680

    These are nowhere near all the bugs and problems I'm seeing. These are only the ones I can be bothered signposting for future users and think sufficiently troubling that even an overworked and grossly underpaid (and isolated) @Hamed
    should know about and put somewhere on his near infinite todo list.

    Thank you all for your consideration.

    Posting "I'm not seeing this..." is sufficient. It means your device, your iOS version and your install of hyperPad aren't having this problem. Don't trouble yourselves further with bugs.

    If I have problems, queries and need help and suggestions I won't be posting those sorts of things here... they'll be in the forum section appropriate for that.

  • @Deeeds but someone more experienced may be able to find something that you didn’t notice that could be causing the “bug”.
    A simple example
    Murtaza, more experienced, was able to show you that there was a logical explanation.

  • Admin

    Deeds, the point they're trying to make is it could be a logic error and not actually a bug with hyperPad.

    We find that most "bugs" are in fact user error.

  • @Murtaza I have isolated for that by the time I'm posting here. And already spent more time reporting on undocumented and annoying issues than anyone else seems to have in the short time I've been using your app.

    It has been enough of an act of sharing to bother this much, with this many things that I think will likely cause stumbles for other new users.

    NONE of you seem to understand the plight facing new users of this app because you're all incredibly familiar with it,. Further, and let's be really honest, you're all largely unfamiliar with the expectations and experiences of others. You always speak of your own anecdotal experiences in isolation, as though they're gospel. But the most annoying this is the blind defence and love of this app to the exclusion of understanding what else has been considered and done by others thinking about the same kinds of problems in other environments.

    Most of these problems of coding visually were solved in the 1960's, and then lost.

    AGAIN: I have isolated those things I report as bugs in behaviour. I have proved them to myself more than once, and found workarounds and "fixes" before I file them as bugs.

  • @Deeeds you proved them to yourself? Congratulations! You’ve completed the first you need to prove it to the devs!

  • @iTap-Development The case you're pointing at, let me point to the documentation in the information panel that informs me of what this does:

    word for word, from Spawn on Object:

    Spawn Area
    The area within your running scene you want your object to spawn in. The larger the area, the more random you can make the spawn.

    That doesn't sound like the functionality that @Murtaza is describing, does it? No... because it's NOT what he's describing. This is the exact same definition one finds in Spawn on Area.

    Word for word...

    How might I be expected to perceive that it's NOT the same thing?

    So it's a bug in the documentation?

    I've already found a few other bugs in the documentation, like the lack of animation between setting graphics changes... it's in the documentation but not in the functionality.

    I can't be expected to read the minds of the creators. And won't be spending time making special demo samples of EVERY single farking bug, inconsistency, issue etc I find. That's more than a fulltime job.

    Again, look up, see the list of remembered issues I faced yesterday in one hour... that wasn't all of them, just the ones pertinent to arrays at the time.

  • @iTap-Development I don't need to do any such thing. Stop talking nonsense. I'm not a paid QA, bug finder or shareholder. I am not duty bound to do anything, not even point these things out.

    I'm writing these things for the dev (there is ONLY ONE!) so that he might see them in passing (I know he has a lot on his plate and is working with a code base primarily designed and created by someone else) as I suspect he's only working on this project part time...

    But, far more importantly, because there isn't a "Known Issues" section anywhere, I'm submitting what I find for future users, so they might have some idea that they're not alone in finding a bunch of weirdness, one after another... after another...

  • @Deeeds so you care enough to complain, but not enough to help fix?
    And I think you are the only one alone in a bunch of weirdness lol.
    And everyone knows your not paid....who would pay you?!

  • @iTap-Development Only you see it as a complaint.

    I see it as a description of an experience.

    My complaints you would consider insane and very weird, and are mostly about the un-design that has seen the way much of this app operates and is. I have not yet aired them.

  • @Deeeds un-design isn’t a word😂

  • @iTap-Development The point that "I'm not paid" is a comment to you and your ilk... I'm gently suggesting that you're also not paid, yet spend an inordinate amount of time (needlessly) defending the honour of something you have no stake in... which is why I also point out I'm not a shareholder.

    I was, previously, gently reminding you that you're acting like a fanboi.

    No longer gently, literally pointing it out instead, since you missed the subtle attempt to remind you that you're not required to be a loyalist.

  • @iTap-Development That's why it's got an unnecessary dash in it...

    See the way "unnecessary" is spelt... can you think of ANY other "un" word that has a dash?

    It was a nod to the fact that I'd made a comment with a made up word.

    Otherwise I would have done this:


    That would be a brand, or an idea, or a website address... or something else fun and free from teaching you about the ways words can be used in jest.

  • @Deeeds I was just joking about he word...
    First, you don’t know how much time I spend on the app(hint: it’s not nearly enough!).
    Second, theres nothing wrong with being a “fanboi”. That probably describes everyone on the app except you and your ilk, which you!

  • @iTap-Development There's only four of you, and I post more than all of you combined. So I don't feel horribly outnumbered.

    I recognise that you have all come to love and accept the little-engine-that-could.

    I see what it should have been and can be, and I'm furiously making notes about that, which will drop soon, if I can ever get around the limitations of not being able to reference things that are instantiated by spawning. That's a really big shocker of an oversight in design... probably the biggest I've seen so far. Hard to believe it.

  • @Deeeds what the heck? We already showed you how to reference spawned objects! And if only one of us complained as much, you wouldn’t even be in the 100,000th page of top posters.

  • @iTap-Development I don't think reference means what you think it means... And you haven't showed me that, at all. You've showed me A VERY LIMITED work around for the lack of referencing.

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