Store reference of object

  • It would save me heaps of time if I could store a reference of an object (e.g, in Box Container, or attribute, as Box Container can only be constant...), which I could use in places where an object is needed.

    e.g., make a box container that stores a reference of the player object, so I can reference that in all my logic regarding the player object, and if I need to change player objects, I change it in one behaviour (the reference),

    Instead of going through each object and changing the selected object in all player behaviours.

  • @Kamdroid Actual variables, with names/ID that can be referenced would solve MANY problems and massively increase the capability of the engine and the productivity of those using it.

    Leaving out one of programming's greatest advantages is bizarre.

  • @Deeeds I totally agree.

    The Box Container behaviour feels like a variable (except it should also let you select the type of variable, e.g. int or string),
    it’s just that they made it so it can only be set once, not sure why they would though.

    But I’d also like the option to type in the name of a variable rather than dragging in the “output” of a behaviour.

  • @Kamdroid There should be a drop down list for variables and broadcasts just like there is for picking attribute names, to avoid typos, etc.

  • @Deeeds This. Totally forgot about listing stuff, would love to see this implemented.

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