Animation speed off?

  • This animation was exported from the DragoneBonesPro software frame by frame. With the speed at 100 the animation still goes slow. However, in the preview mode it is fast?

    Video Below:

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    The in editor previews are typically off by a bit. You should run in game to see the proper effect.
    This applies for animations, particles, and other effects as well.
    The reason for this is that we need to make certain optimizations on the editor side to improve overall performance.

    We'll look into decreasing this difference, but ideally you should press play and see how it runs in the real game engine.

  • @Murtaza but the problem is also the animation limit... we can't do 60 fps animations 😭... I haven't tasted time scale though, maybe that can work around the animation speed limit.

  • Admin

    @Jack8680 What do you mean? What animation limit? There is not a limit on animations, rather a limit on image size. If your resulting image is too large, then you'll need to split your animated object into multiple animaitons. Eg. a single object for walk, a single object for attack etc.
    As long as images are a reasonable size you should be able to have many animations frames.

    Or, you can just not use hyperPads built in animation system and import each frame as it's own image/object then add each one individually to the play animation behaviour time line.

    This is how things will have to work until we support bones based animations.

  • @Murtaza I meant the limit to the animation speed since maximum animation speed was still slower than in the editor, a faster animation speed would be nice. @Aidan-Oxley had problems with his winter pacman animation being slow after a certain update too.

  • I guess it would make more sense to have the animation speed units be in frames per second?

  • @TutorialDoctor Yeah, that would be useful.

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