Stupid Question: How do I make a Start Screen?

  • I can see Pause and Game Over 'overlays', but how is an initial start screen overlay created and used to provide play, options, etc.

  • @Deeeds You could instantly load a custom made overlay (by using + Add Overlay button) when the game starts.

  • @Aidan-Oxley So a default scene must command this overlay to pop up?

    Why not use a default scene as an "overlay"?

    any advantages/disadvantages?

    Which way best in what ways?

  • @Deeeds When I have a game with a menu, I make the menu on the Scene UI or something like that, and it’s the first thing visible when the game starts (because if you make the game immediately load a menu as an overlay, there will be a split second at the start where the menu isn’t there). When the game starts, the UI is hidden all at once (all the buttons are in a Menu tag). I’ve never really used overlays much.

    But yes, something has to make the overlay come up, you can’t have it loaded by default when the game starts I think.

  • Admin

    You can create a new scene for your start screen. If there are few behaviours and few objects it should load almost instantly.

    The first scene in the list of scenes will be the first to load.

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