Do behaviours before rendering/showing screen to user

  • I always have to do stuff like transparent objects, initial position, and other attribute in the designer.

    I’d much rather not, but doing this through behaviours isn’t good enough, because there’s about a 0.4 sec time before it happens, creating a “flash” effect, which totally ruins the experience.

    It’s be much better if we could run these initial behaviours before displaying the screen, so it doesn’t flash or ruin the experience, just as if you’d do it directly in the editor.

    If this cannot be achieved, maybe have a workaround where you have certain attributes not show in the editor, but are actually the initial attributes of the object.
    e.g. when in editor, the object has #ffffff color, but in reality it is actually #ffff00, and only #ffffff is shown when in editor mode, not when running the actual game.

  • @Kamdroid This is why I was trying to do some weird stuff with the camera in another question, to hide my massive setup mess.

    The other workaround I've found: put a full screen image up, on the top most layer (global UI) and pull it down when you think the preparation is done. This can be as simple as an all black box stretched to fill the screen, or a loading image etc...

  • You could just do what most games do.

    Have the initial setup happen while you show a few game logos, then travel to the scene, area, or screen.

    Or even do it on the scene UI.

  • @Thecheater887 but every time I need to take everything aside so I can actually access my game objects. I much rather show logos in a seperate scene specifically for it.

  • @Kamdroid would having a separate scene with logos, that preloads the game scene and then opens the scene work?

  • @iTap-Development probably. But it requires a developer subscription.

  • @Kamdroid oh yeah🤔

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