Set Graphic doesn't always respect origins.

  • Some swaps are fine. Some are not. In my case, they're going about 50% down from the middle, on one image. Fine on another.

    Some are offset by amounts that don't make any sense. It's not a simple "origin different" issue like the bug with swapping differently sized images in the Scene Editor.

    This unlocks an achievement, or some kind of award. It means pretty much everything to do with images is either completely non functional (sprite sheets, swap transitions, bitmap fonts) or buggy (sprite sequences, set colour, set graphic and changing graphics in the scene editor).

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    We're aware of this bug and is being fixed.

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    But when using set graphic, its supposed to put the graphic directly in the middle of the old image. If you're using images that are the same pixel size, it should be working fine.

  • @Hamed I understand what it's supposed to do, and expected that. But it's only doing that some times, not all the times.

    The worst part about this bug is that there's no way to know it's going to happen in the Scene Editor. You can swap the same images in and out in the Scene Editor, on the object, and it works fine. It's the behaviour that's got the bug.

    Though, there's also a problem with swapping different sized images (even with the same aspect ratio) and the physics body, wherein the physics body drops to bottom left edges, not centred.

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    Yes, its being fixed

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