Cumulative Drift in Screen Follow

  • A camera dummy used to be the thing that the screen follows, in a high speed game, will eventually be non-centered. Depends on the speed of the game and the duration of play time as to how much drift occurs. Most I've seen is about a third from the centre to the edge. Worst part... it's seemingly unfixable. I can't find a way to continue play and correct for the drift.

  • @Deeeds Instead of using screen follow, try running on a 1 frame timer Get Position (player) → Screen to Point (player position). Yeah it’s a work around to a bug, but it should work just as good.

  • @Aidan-Oxley this is nowhere near as simple as that.

    I have "lerps" being created by move to points and move to objects and screen move to object already, all nested up to create a somewhat smooth lerp. It's not nearly as smooth (and definitely not as controllable) as I'd like, but it works. With one caveat, this drift progressively destroys it as the hero moves offscreen over time.

    Any attempt to move to a point directly, or otherwise circumvent this nesting arrangement of softened moves, results in stilted and obviously lurching camera movements.

    This game is FAST in certain situations, and it's in those situations I'm utterly reliant on this "smoothing" of camera movement to make it playable and digestible.

  • @Deeeds What exactly is a “lerp”? I don’t understand, how can moving the screen to the player every frame be lurchier than Screen Follow?

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