Pass in parameters (and object)

  • There should be a standard way of passing in parameters for a function. Usually I use broadcast behaviours, but this isn't sufficient.

    When will we be able to pass in an object? I have a function, that does many things to an object. Instead of just being able to pass in a desired object to be used in all the object manipulation behaviours, I have to painfully copy these behaviours and select the object I want.

    The worst part is when I need to make a change to the function, I have to do it for every one, which is horribly inefficient and waste of time,

  • @Kamdroid

    I second your sentiments.

    There should be named command creation (functions/methods):

    • Functions should take inputs

    • Functions should return results

    • Methods should be encapsulated/invokable within objects

    • Functions should be accessible globally or within scope

    • Functions should be passable as parameters

    • objects should be referenced, and this be passable and shareable


    The Behaviour Editor should have UNDO, REDO and a listed history of modifications made to all behaviours within any object.


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