• I bought the indie version and it still isn't letting my have unlimited over layers or scenes

  • Admin

    Took a look at your account and it's not showing any purchase. Are you sure the purchase successfully went through?

    You have 2 options.

    1. Open the hyperPad menu and go to user settings. From there select "Restore purchases". If a purchase was made it will restore it.

    2. Try to buy indie again. IF you already bought it, it won't charge you again and will automatically restore your previous purchase. If the original purchase never went through, this will complete the process.

  • @Murtaza
    I have brought the indie version and it said I have successfully uploaded indie.

  • Admin

    Have you tried the restore purchases button as I mentioned above?

    If that's still not working send us an email ( with your iTunes purchase receipt and we can see what's going on.
    When did you make the purchase because from our side we can't see anything on your account.

  • Admin

    Got your email. Everything should be sorted now :)

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