User built Known Issues List...

  • Your knowledge, if you're reading this, is going to be beneficial to every new user.

    Every new user paying subscriptions is going to be beneficial to your relationship with hyperPad.

    It's become obvious that most of the forum regulars know most of the foibles of hyperPad.

    But you all wait until someone (usually me) comes across an issue, limitation or problem in hyperPad before saying "oh yeah, I know about that, work around it like this..."

    What you probably don't realise is that most users come to one of those issues and never return. Fortunately there haven't been many new users in the last couple of years.

    If you want this project to survive you're going to need to start considering what it's like for new users.

    Disappointing would be the world I'd use most frequently.

    But that's also true of Adobe's software. They, however, have reached critical mass.

    Murtaza and Hamed need to consider how to get new users. That's their problem. And that's another problem, and an entirely different matter.

    Whilst they're figuring out how to attract new users why don't you gurus start rolling out a welcoming mat in preparation for new users?

    Every new user is going to go through phases of the stages I've been through. Most of them will leave if there's not something to help them through their disappointment and lower points of frustration and fury.

    Or, @murtaza, you could simply publish your excel spreadsheet of known issues for everyone to start from. I'm sure google and amazon (between them) have enough storage and bandwidth to handle it.

  • I’m mildly confused as to what you’re suggesting who do..

  • @Thecheater887 Use this forum/board to start compiling a list of known issues, problems and showstoppers.


    • Sprite Animations don't work (no workarounds)

    • Sprite Sheets can't be imported (no workarounds)

    • Sprite Sequences can be imported. But can't be created (no workarounds)

    • Bitmap Fonts can't be imported (no workarounds)

    • Set Image Transitions duration and blend effect = NULL (no workarounds)


  • @Deeeds Isn’t this why forums exist? They can either create a post and ask their question, or they can search through posts with a keyword or whatever and see other people’s problems and how they were solved.

  • @Aidan-Oxley exactly!

  • Search is broken as all shells. Nobody wants to manually scroll through 1 000 000 threads.

    I think an alphabetical line-list with links would be a great way to see if an issue has already been reported and identified in a flash.

  • @Aidan-Oxley Sort of. Most forums exist for reasons relating to conversational discussion of ideas and specific subjects. It's right there in the name: "forum". It's kind of what the word means.

    The problem with using a forum for a "Known Issues" repository, without a specific thread, is that everyone coming to the app needs to know what issues they're looking for... when they DO NOT KNOW what are the KNOWN issues, so are unable to search for them.

    If they are new user, this is made worse because they don't have the lexicon of the app, either. So even if they might know about something they want to do, and want to check if there's any problems before making an effort, they might not know how to search for it.

    Which leads to the most significant point: The entire purpose of a Known Issues LIST is to put everything into one space/place in a manner that's easily digestible and can save new and intrepid users from wasting time trying to do things that are impossible, and to help them find a path to completion before they venture off.

    I realise consideration of new users is not something at the top of your list of things to think about. That's fine.

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