Emitter position in “shoot with button” block issue

  • Hi everyone, is the emitter position already fixed? I am going to make my character shoot and it drives me nuts that the bullets are coming out if its butt. I can't move it... please help.

  • Oh ._.

    You can move the emitting point by changing the anchor point inside the "Start Particles" behavior.

  • Oh wait, this is "Shoot with Button" behavior, pardon me.

    Same thing with this behavior, I think..

  • Hi there, thanks for the reply. I tried changing the emitter position but it still stays somewhere at the butt part of the object...
    Can you show me your code block screenshot for it? Also, do you know hiw to save collectible objects in the game for the player to use from one level to the next? Thanks.

  • Saving collectibles?

    You mean collecting something and the amount stays the same?

    When the player reaches to the end of the level, ready to go to the next level, the behavior "Save To File" can be executed to save how many coins or collectibles the player has recieved.

    Once the player enters the next level, the behavior "Load from File" is used to get the same data you had from the previous level.

  • Thanks for the tutorial RobinsonX!

    Can you help me with some other game mechanics too?

    Like the scoring mechanics used for the sample tappy plane game? I tried to look into its game logic from the sample but being a novice teacher who is eager to use hyperpad to create and educational game for a research I am working on with less than a week, I really am in need of some good samaritans here to see this through...😭

    I can't get what sir hamed did with the score and best score showing up every time the player is out which I believe starts with receive message (did lose). They are supposed to show different values and update themselves everytime the player tries again the game, right? But i can't figure it out...

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