Rotate By Behaviour Breaks hyperPad

  • Put two Rotate By behaviours next to each other.

    Give one a positive value, the other a negative value, set both to Exponential Out, and any time you like for duration.

    Put them underneath an Execute Behaviours Behaviour.

    Now edit the value for rotation in the first one (positive value), then edit the value in the second one... hyperPad will crash.

    You won't be able to delete this second Rotate By, every time you select it, hyperPad crashes. You must delete this object and start again to solve this problem.

    The workaround?

    Use a Box Container Behaviour to store a rotation value, and link this to a single Rotate By Behaviour, and cycle/set it however you like each through the events underneath the Execute Behaviours Behaviour.

  • Weird. Happens for me too (you gave me an example project a while ago).

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