More advanced file IO

  • Here are some ideas for more advanced file IO that I would love to use.

    In General

    • Store asset files in variables and use them in behaviours, so if you are using a certain asset in many different behaviours, then decide to change it, it will not be a painful repetitive process

    • Adding to the above, alternatively use assets in behaviours via their path name (e.g. /icons/success.png)

    • Ability to store scenes in the asset viewer rather than in the one scene list overview

    • Create text files directly in the assets viewer - be more organised (like how you can import graphics)


    • Create text files & folders in a specific directory

    • "Select a file", where the user can select a file (asset) that can be used in your behaviours (e.g. let them pick their own picture for background, let them replace the background music with music from iTunes library

    • Get array of all saved files (also makes delete all saved files possible & great for letting user save and load lists of their save games [data])

    • Get array of file names from assets folder (good addition for using asset via file name)
      e.g. /icons/ = ["/icons/success.png", "/icons/warn.png", "/icons/error.png"]

    Advanced File Properties

    • File name, file contents, file size, date created, date last modified

    An example of what I could do with this

    This is mainly focusing for an OS simulator, but applies to many games

    • Achieve a more dynamic system - no more countless, repetitive if statements just because I can only use hardcoded assets

    • More organised save data system

    • Retreieve all app information dynamically via file system by:

      • Loop through /apps/ folder
      • e.g. /apps/SomeApp/, /apps/SomeApp/icon.png, /apps/SomeApp/config.txt, /apps/SomeApp/app.scene
    • Let the user customise their experience, pick their own photo for background etc

    Not too great of an example, but it will benefit everyone who wants to make more advanced games/apps.

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