The 2 decimal limit in input fields

  • When I use for example a timer, and I set it to run at every frame (0.016666666666666667 seconds because 0 seconds causes annoying stutteriness), it at first works fine, it repeats at the time I want and it displays the time I want, but when I select that behaviour again after deselecting it, it rounds it to 0.02 (but it doesn't actually use that time, it just says that), if I try to edit the time, it still says 0.02, and if I don't change a thing and save it, the timer will start to use 0.02 from then on. Does anyone else think this rounding thing should just be removed? It even does it in non-number input fields just because hyperPad detects that it is a number (like Set Label or Box Container).

  • @aidan-oxley I’m pretty sure I asked Hamed about this before. I think it just rounds it visually when the behavior is selected( why I don’t know, but I agree it is sorta annoying), but remains correct unless, as you said, you try to edit and don’t change it.

  • @aidan-oxley Absolutely agree! Been caught out by this many times. The more complex the animations, relationships and reliances upon timings, the more annoying this becomes. For a game engine, timing is everything.

    Access to update()-like (or game engine tick) timings, and the ability to hook into them with absolute certainty (and at factors and divisors of them) should be the bare minimum.

  • I agree. It's annoying and shouldn't get rounded.

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