BM fonts have no blending options

  • In my game, hitting enemies with your shield will destroy them and give you score, and a label will spawn where they got destroyed telling you how much score you got. Also, everything in my game is made up of particles and additive effects, which included the score label. I decided to switch to BM font labels (because TTF are too laggy when you destroy lots of enemies in a short time), and realised I can't make the BM score labels additive. ☚ī¸

  • @aidan-oxley How are you even getting BMFonts into hyperPad?

  • @deeeds Magic 🙂 🌟

    Ok fine, through file editing.

  • @aidan-oxley Well done.

    Without Additive blend mode... I can't use them. I'm completely and utterly dependent on additive blend mode, for the same reasons as you... everything has that look. And it is the most desirable look. ;)

  • @deeeds Yeah, additive effects are so pretty. The BM fonts look really ugly in my game (but at least my game doesn't freeze for a frame or 2 when I kill and enemy)

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