BM fonts have no blending options

  • In my game, hitting enemies with your shield will destroy them and give you score, and a label will spawn where they got destroyed telling you how much score you got. Also, everything in my game is made up of particles and additive effects, which included the score label. I decided to switch to BM font labels (because TTF are too laggy when you destroy lots of enemies in a short time), and realised I can't make the BM score labels additive. ☚ī¸

  • @aidan-oxley How are you even getting BMFonts into hyperPad?

  • @deeeds Magic 🙂 🌟

    Ok fine, through file editing.

  • @aidan-oxley Well done.

    Without Additive blend mode... I can't use them. I'm completely and utterly dependent on additive blend mode, for the same reasons as you... everything has that look. And it is the most desirable look. ;)

  • @deeeds Yeah, additive effects are so pretty. The BM fonts look really ugly in my game (but at least my game doesn't freeze for a frame or 2 when I kill and enemy)

  • Still don't have blending 😛 can we get it next update?

  • Are you using spawn on object to summon text?

    If so, there's a less laggy method. You could recycle the objects using the Loop (for each) function. If you need help on that, I can create a sample and send it here. 😊

  • @robinsonx I'm not sure you understand what I'm asking for. You know how objects have blending mode options? Like you can use additive or dodge or burn etc? TTF fonts have this option, while BM fonts are stuck with no blending options but I want the dodge effect. I don't want to just use TTF because they are too laggy for spawning tonnes of them (I'm using some labels as score numbers that pop up when you get score, similar to damage numbers in other games).

  • Oh I see what you're saying now, yes they are spawned labels but no matter what you do with spawning TTF labels they will always be laggier. I had a project to prove that just having TTF labels sitting in your project doing absolutely nothing is more than 10x laggier than having BM fonts sitting around doing nothing (as in you can have like 10x more BM fonts than TTF fonts before the project starts to lag and go below 60fps).

    In my project it would be hard to tell exactly how many I would need to keep for recycling, but again just having them sit outside the screen waiting to be recycled might be too laggy (at least on iPad Air).

  • I used this technique before, I just Hide the text when it's done displaying and Show the text when it pops up, I think it saves rendering time. :)

  • @robinsonx Also just changing the text on a TTF font is a little bit laggy, these score indicators for my game aren't always giving the same amount of score so I have to set the TTF label every time they spawn. Try running a 0s timer that just adds 1 to a TTF label. If your iPad doesn't lag, then I want a new iPad 😛. BM fonts are so much nicer for labels that change often in games, they're just a bit harder to use.

  • 0_1549365518102_6AE86DD4-B396-46AD-9AC9-E0A00342BB83.jpeg

    😅 It's fine for my device... but then that would mean that some devices would need to optimize for a less laggy gameplay, most games have an automatic graphic setting to fix this.

    In this case, we could have an option to use a TTF font or a BM font.

  • @robinsonx Wow, you even have glow effect on it, and you're changing that label every frame too? My iPad is clearly getting old lol. But still, if that lags my iPad to death it is still pretty resource heavy and will lag a game down a bit if you have other heavy stuff happening and probably use more battery. Could you duplicate that label a few times? Curious to know how many of that label your iPad can handle before it lags.

  • 0_1549452009320_0DB5593E-C12D-4736-AF74-CAA0CC6E06DD.jpeg

    I can place another one before it starts to lower the fps a bit. 3 labels going out with a timer of 0 seems to be the cap. :)

  • Oh, yeah and each label has it's own timer that executes every frame. @Aidan-Oxley

  • @robinsonx It also really depends on the font you use and especially the size of the font. My label is a little bit bigger than yours I think but I only have 1:

  • Woah...

    Yeah, I think making the font smaller and the scale big helps a bit. I noticed that it may lower the resolution of the text but it increases performance. :)

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