Preloading Breaks BMFonts

  • Downloading a project that preloads a scene containing BMFonts, without ever going into the editor, causes all of the text to become black rectangles like this:

    It seems to completely break the font used in the project, even when restarting hyperPad.

    The bug doesn't happen if you open the scene of the labels before ever playing it. Here's a sample project, make sure to press play without opening the project:

  • I'm gonna have to remove my custom load screen before I upload Meteor update to the Hub 😐

  • If I restart hyperPad, then do this to my own project the BM fonts break, but if I restart again and load the project normally from the editor, it stays unbroken until I restart and preload again.

  • Bumping in case it's been missed. Projects won't be able to have custom load screens if they use BMFonts.

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