Can't set colour of health bars

  • Why is there no way to set the colour of the health bar? We can set the container, but not the bar. This problem also applies to joy sticks.

  • @aidan-oxley Ow man, I knew about this problem for like 2 years and haven't managed to type about it.. (mmm watcha saaay..)
    Btw the same stuff happens to label outlines and shadows, and basically all other special objects' secondary stuff.

  • @andrey-ghost You can change the shadow and outline of TTF fonts in game, use Set Label without changing the label, but tap on the switches below the text part.

  • @andrey-ghost I've also knows about this problem for forever, just same as you never got around to saying something about it until I realised I want changing health bar colours for one of my projects.

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