Modify Behavior: Execute Behavior and Behavior On

  • I would like to suggest that you modify Execute Behavior to Execute a Behavior and children. Allow data to be passed into the Execute Behavior as, say, a dictionary. Add a “communicate” behavior that would tell the Execute Behavior, say, a dictionary, which could then be used further down the path of ‘parent’ behaviors.

    I’m well aware of how many dead horses I’m beating (it’s what I’m good at!), however, from my perspective, it would redneck the functions functionality into existence, since the current “Execute Behavior” is redundant in terms of its’ brother Behavior On. (I’m fairly certain that was a clarity addition, but I could be wrong about that.)

  • @thecheater887 They need to make something called Functions. This is what should let you pass in parameters like every programming language does.

    As for now, I use the Broadcast and Recieve behaviours to pass in an array of parameters.

  • @thecheater887 I think the difference between behaviour on and execute behaviour is that execute behaviour won't run the behaviour if it is off.

    Like Kamdroid said, broadcast and receive are similar to what you're suggesting, allowing you to send an array or dictionary and use it in child behaviours.

    Edit: fixed typo.

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