Counter Clockwise fill Health Bar Inverted

  • When using counter clockwise health bar fill, 1% is 1% missing, and 66% is really 33% fill. This effect can be seen by swapping it to clockwise and back.

  • @thecheater887 I've had this too.

  • It's because the health bar has a square boundary, the %1 that seems to be "missing," is actually filled in, it's just it mostly cannot show since that part of the health bar is erased and the health bar is a rectangle graphic.

  • 0_1531089846542_C6C3B1F5-B79D-4ED9-A187-91AF68C7FF01.jpeg

    Just an example.
    But if you are having troubles with the glitch, use an input field like a coordinate of an object, you can move the object to correspond it to the health bar.

  • You might take a look at this @RobinsonX.

  • @robinsonx That's not the problem we're talking about, try using counter clockwise instead of clockwise and you'll see what's wrong.
    Easy workaround to this issue: use clockwise since it is working properly, but to get anti clockwise, set the x scale of the health bar to negative.

  • Ah! You mean that!

    Well, I never experienced this so I have no knowledge.
    But yes, this is easy to fix as there is a workaround. :3

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