FNaF: Fredbear's Family Diner

  • I've backtracked from my last cancelled game, and have decided to use the "Clean Project" tool to my advantage.
    Instead of using my old, unused bits from my last project, I have recreated everything to be and look smoother and better, and have remade the entire game from scratch.

    This was for reasons regarding corrupted files, etc.

    Since i had a go with C++ and JavaScript, I decided to take this project back to the iPad, and give it to the Hyperpad community.

    So, this is my game here.

    Five Nights at Freddy's: Fredbear's Family Diner

    Welcome to your Christmas job, where you'll work in an office on the night shift, looking after the main attraction, Fredbear. A bear Animatronic who loves to have fun.

    But at night, he tends to be left on a mode where he... Well... Roams free...
    But this isn't without reason, of course.
    His designer, William Afton had this idea to prevent their Servos from locking up during the night, causing a costly repair.

    All you have to fend yourself from him strolling into your office is two doors and a camera monitoring system. This isn't without its kinks though, as the camera system will sometimes fail. There isn't an actual known reason, and this can cause your system to sometimes reboot when needed most.

    You work Monday to Friday, at $4 per hour.
    6 hours each night.
    For as long as you can survive.

    All I need to do now is to come up with some way of making this deadly animatronic to roam about with AI...
    I did have an idea, but it doesn't work too well since I used a change asset behaviour.

    The first release will (most likely) be a buggy demo for the first two nights.

    After that, I'll see if I can roll the whole game out as fast as possible.

    Post Script:

    if anyone wants a specific mechanic, just put it in then, comments section, and I'll see what I can do :)
    basically, the game is lacking in mechanics that make it more difficult, and all my testers have been able to get through both nights with no problems. All four said that its too easy, and that there needs to be more challenging mechanics, and I decided to take to the community to see what you want.

    decisions, decisions...

    Post Post Script:
    Minor/Major setback... I kinda forgot to backup my work to my already clogged up cloud storage, so i havent exactly got much of a game.
    since i was literally fixing up a few last bugs 3 hours ago, i log back into HP, and my projects area (somehow?) went back to the last backup i made (Day one of the four ive been working on this for.) so now im about 30% done instead of 70% done.

    Anyway, ive written up a few more mechanics since i had some spare time (basically taking a break) and ill go and add them after ive reconstructed the games layout.
    heck, i may even just go all out and re-do the office, since its not all that great-looking while im at it.

    anyway, ill keep pushing out updates for where im at, and ill post when its nearly finished (And ill make sure to actually backup my project this time...)

    Oh, and before i get back to work on this, I want to have a voice actor, one that wouldnt mind their voice being used as a "phone guy" replacement, since i havent really got anyone to do that for me, and you know how it is with keeping identities to yourself.
    I'd do it myself, but i havent got any proper recording equipment, or the money to buy any. so anyone with an actual microphone/studio setup, help a fellow... padder(?) out?


  • update on game
    So, I'm 4 days in on my project, and I'm almost about 70% finished on my demo release. Demo release will have only two nights, but it's gets hard fairly quickly

    Here's an insight on my progress so far!
    Basically, I need to find a way to get the camera to work in conjunction with the office.
    By this, I mean having Fredbear keep moving whilst the cams are down.
    Because right now, I have the camera set up on an overlay, and the office is on a scene, and these don't work too nicely.
    Basically, beating the demo will be a piece of cake if I released it now, because there's mechanics that don't work properly (cams, temperature, doors) you could beat both nights by using a skip, and forcing the temperature below what it's supposed to be, and also by keeping the cameras down.
    So there's a LOT of bugs, and I'm working on it at every chance I get
    Overall, I have about 20 hours logged on this project.
    So it should be finished soon.

  • @cyber_death I wouldn't have put the camera screen on an overlay since it has to load a bit, I would've put it on it's own layer which you can keep showing and hiding, that way the logic will continue to run even when you turn the screen off (hide the layer).

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