Theses are the tools I use. I’ll post a few tips and tricks soon. The main challenge I have is creating a workflow for animation. I’ll describe some workflows I have so far. The apps I use Animation Pro - Rigged character animation. I export to a PNG sequence with transparent background to the Documents By Readdle app. Nomad Sculpt - 3d model sculpting for 3d rotation view MagicPoser - for 3d figure reference Flipaclip - for 2D traditional animation. Has a good PNG sequence exporter. I also use it for rotoscoping video Procreate - Has a great animation system now. For high fidelity raster art work and animation (you can use tools like liquify to modify keyframes. Pixel Studio - useful for pixel art animation. It can export PNG sequences to Google drive (the workflow isn't that great thought) Art Set - For a realistic art medium effect, you can't get better than this. Xpression - Animate a photo with only my face. Uses artificial intellgience. Pinterest - Inspiration! - For AI generated character designs Waifu2x - great app for resizing low res images (uses AI) Bot3D Editor - 3d character animation. I can save animations and import into FlipAclip or Procreate for rotoscoping. MugLife - I don't really use this much, but it is useful for facial animations. I don't like the content in the app though. Affinity Designer - I use this for all of my vector art. I also have Affinity Photo but I haven't used it much yet. Workflow tips (coming soon): ... Here is some stuff I’ve produced