A standardised default scrolling system (not UI object)

  • Are there any plans to add a standard scrolling system for games (not a UI object), so we could scroll through our inventory, dialogues, list of buttons/settings, etc.

    I know this is possible to implement by ourselves (like started touching - stopped touching), but this feels like a feature that should be implemented by default since scrolling is extremely common.

    I've tried making my own scrolling, but I can't really get the feel right (like the bounce back) and trying to scroll something that doesn't take up the whole screen is even more messy.

    I've had to scrap a lot of games and features due to a lack of implemented scrolling.

  • Relatable! 😭

    We need scrolling.

    Especially when we are trying to make some type of inventory system or an options menu, it will come in handy.

    Rather than the old method of having multiple pages to go through, why not have a single screen where we can scroll?

  • Exactly. I have no idea why hyperPad hasn't had this from day 1