Suggest: Common Save Data

  • Would it be possible to add for closed-source projects, that the author of the project, when saving, can choose to allow it to be loaded into another on of their projects?

    This allows for transfer of premium currency, names, avatars, etc across games.

    This feature would load the default value if the data it was looking for did not exist.

    For instance, if my game "Look at this rock" recorded the user looked at the rock for 00:23:56:31.09, when they load my second game, "Look at this rock, too", they will be awarded a new rock to look at because they looked at the last rock for 23 hours.

  • Admin

    @Thecheater887 I don't think save files would be the best way for this.

    You can make something like this with http requests once its up. This would probably be the better way of doing it.

  • Offline access is what I was aiming for, but Apple might restrict that, I guess.

  • Admin

    Well, if you want it in the App Store, then yes apple restricts it.
    iOS apps are like sandboxed. No other app is allowed to talk to another (other than a few APIs that apple provides, like sharing).

    Inside of hyperPad we could allow it, but it would open up other issues and not consistent to how things should be done for the App Store. Ie. It works in hyperPad, but not in the App Store.

    You don't always have to be connected with http requests. It can sync up each time it goes online

    In Game 1:
    Looked at rock.
    Tell server TheCheater looked at rock in Game 1.

    Game 2:
    Check the server for any new database entries.
    Game logic Sees Thecheater looked at the rock.
    Awards you the rock.

    In the example above you just need internet once in a while to sync up. It won't be realtime with out internet though. But that doesn't really matter too much.

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