Update/Event Loop

  • I need something that is better than having a timer at 0s, as the timer is still not called enough to make everything I want appear instant/not laggy.

  • @kamdroid Have you ever tried using the Loop behaviour? Sounds like what you need.

  • @aidan-oxley Doesn't it freeze the game until it's done?

    Edit: Yep, it freezes the game and hyperPad, then crashes

  • I just use a Play Animation behavior and set it at 60 fps. It acts like a timer behavior, just not laggy or jittery.

  • @kamdroid woah, how much stuff are you trying to do? If you want it to not freeze the game, you could try timer 0 second then loop maybe 10-20 times, so basically every 60th of a second it'll activate 20 times (1200 times a second). Wonder if that would get laggy :P.

    I'm not sure why it crashed for you though, unless you spawned like a billion objects in a loop or something. Loop activates REALLY fast, and it's meant to freeze everything until it's done, good for things like loading or spawning stuff into your game, definitely needs to have a limited amount of repeats though.

  • @aidan-oxley I don't think you understand what I'm asking for.

    Robinson has the right idea, I just think since HyperPad is meant to be easy, we shouldn't have to use strange workarounds (e.g. the animation timer)

  • @kamdroid What exactly are you asking for? Is it about how jittery timer 0s is? If so, you can set it to 0.0166666....s and it becomes more smooth but runs at same speed as timer 0s.

  • @aidan-oxley Wow, using 0.0166666 is smooth. I'll probably use this. Thanks.

  • @kamdroid When/if you lose the smoothness you've gained with 0.0166666 timers, it's because they've been rounded to 0.02, which sometimes happens just by touching them in the Behaviour Editor.

    In this situation, you need to re-edit their time to 0.0166666.

    Other times, you'll still be running smooth, but your timer behaviours show 0.02 seconds, rounded. This is because it's only a visual representation rounding UNTIL you touch them, when it becomes a physical rounding of this time.

    Hope this helps. I've played with this, a lot, to get smooth and fast in hyperPad.

    My advice, never use anything other than divisions and multipliers of frame time in timers. Unfortunately hyperPad doesn't let you use divisions of this, it rounds these up to a "tick", but not accurately, which is what it's doing if you put a zero in a timer.

    Solving this problem, in the best possible way, would be providing accurate tick based timers, that can be divisions or multipliers of the underlying tick. This is going to be much more important later this year, when more iPads (and iPhones) move to ProMotion (120fps).

  • @deeeds Is it the beta I'm on now, or the last update that stopped the numbers rounding? I thought it was last update, but I guess you making that post means it must be the beta. For me, numbers stay the way you entered them no matter what you do, so that'll be fixed next update :)

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