HyperPad Crashes During Animations and Cloning

  • Hello,
    Recently we have discovered that HyperPad crashes quite often during Animations when the app is running. It also crashes when cloning occurs (usually the screen flickers a bit during the cloning)

    When the project runs on Xcode, and crashes due to Animations, Xcode doesn't find any errors.

    The crashing happens:
    During Animations
    Directly before an Animation Occurs
    During the Cloning of Objects (Like a simple drawing app)

  • Admin

    What do you mean drawing app? Are you using spawn to create a pen like function? If so this is very resource intensive. Depending on the size of the graphics this could be why it’s crashing.

    Can you send a same project that includes both crashing situations to contact@hyperpad.com

  • @murtaza ok thank you

    Yeah, I am using clones to make a drawing-like app.
    I'll send a project link

  • Hi there, I just sent you an email to download a crashing .tap project. @Murtaza

  • Admin

    Thanks got it! Well take a look and if we have any questions will stay in touch either here or reply to your email.

  • @murtaza Hello,
    We also just sent you the new project that you can draw on, but the screen blinks

  • Admin

    Yup got that as well!

    I’m fairly certain we tracked down the animation crash. It should be fixed for the upcoming 1.21 update.
    @Hamed can you verify?

    As for the drawing/flickering bug, still working on it. Not 100%sure if it will be part of 1.21 or not.

  • @murtaza Thank you so much!
    This is a big help

  • Admin

    @Davio It's actually not a bug and not something we can really fix.

    The problem is that you have over 130 images that are 2048 x 2048 px. When they're all loaded into memory, thats over 2GB! On most iPads, thats going to crash the app. In reality each image in your animation shouldn't be more than 64px since its not actually taking that much space on screen. What you should be aiming to do is to use a sprite sheet and trying to fit all your animations into one single image and using a size that will look good on the canvas.

    You can find documentation on that here:

    We're looking into the drawing issue now.

  • Admin

    @Davio The issue with the drawing is because you're using an empty object to do your drawing.

    Empty objects aren't meant for that kind of excessive drawing and is inefficient compared to normal images.

    What I would suggest is to swap out your empty object for a white image and your flickering should go away!

  • @hamed Thank you so much!
    I'll try both of these out

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