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  • There should be an option to change how much processing power the Preload Scene behaviour uses so that it can be used as a custom load screen instead of just background preloading, because at the moment it is not good for having custom load screens because it takes a long time to load because it isn't putting in as much power as the default hyperPad load screen uses.

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    For video games, you want it to work this way. You want the player interaction to be receiving full power (or full enough power) so that it still feels smooth and silky. People would rather wait a little bit rather than it being all jerky and not feel good. (Actually why I stopped playing Assassins Creed Black Flag).

    In any case, its not really possible anyways because of how Apple sets up multi threading, and how it interacts with a very single threaded 2D engine.

  • How do games have custom load screens then, or how can we have proper ones in hyperPad that don't take longer to load? Games where they might have title and a loading... text and something like a load bar or spinning wheel.

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    The existing preload will let you have a proper load screen (minus an indicator showing the percentage).

    Just create a scene with a loading text/animation. Then preload the next scene (using the behaviour, not the preload scene property).
    Switch to next scene as soon as preload is done.

    Your loading animation/scene should play fine and appear on screen, then switch to the game.

  • Yes I've been using this but this Preload is more than twice as slow as the default hyperPad load screen usually (last time I tested it)

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    @Aidan-Oxley It is a bit slower, but by this point you already have them waiting, so it's not really that big of an issue ;),

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