• I’m already loving update the object referencing is so useful.
    But I went to the road map and there are not many things coming up. Yeah things like IAP and Prefabs will be cool but you can make those without them actually being in HyperPad.

    So I created a list of things to add to HyperPad
    -Third Party plugins like Google translate and others
    -Bluetooth options (long shot)
    -Some sort of teams options like Unity has where people can work together on projects.
    -better web viewer like make it so you can customize the “Done” button or remove the arrows
    -video tutorials (which i might do on my own)
    -some sort of behaviour thing in forum so we can build behaviours to help each other (like scratch dose)
    -user image importing and exporting (like to make a art app or to share a score)
    -text input but it is just numbers
    -text input but it’s not a popup
    -search bar in hub (so tags can actually help)

  • 0_1543086599329_94AF7167-DFC2-4679-95C4-476284A8B385.png

    I also got suggestions, and this is one of them. :3
    (This is not real, it's a concept right now.)

    It'll be cool to have this behavior because music transitions won't have to cut off abruptly, like changing from one scene to another.

    I photoshopped the image, so HyperPad developers can see what I'm talking about. :3

  • Oh yeah, you can see the Duration drop down, the "speed" function is optional, but if you (developers) are willing to add it, it would be %/s. (Percent per second)

  • @robinsonx Looks like a good idea. All we can do at the moment is start and stop music with no transitions.

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