Latest Update destroyed my play sound behaviors!!!!!!!!

  • @murtaza and @hamed, I really appreciate that you guys released the latest update. But can you please check on your end why on earth are the play sound behaviors not working on this update? None of my fireball and play sound behaviors work at the moment!!!
    Geez, I still have two panelists this week who will evaluate my game guys. Can you please try not to let this happen all the time? Almost every update gets a working behavior damaged lately....
    Need your feedback to fix this asap......😓

  • I fixed this game to working order after the chaos of the latest update. Now this again? The stuttering sound is better than no sound at all.

  • I can still hear my sounds, but they are extremely quiet even with 100% volume in behaviour compared to the music. Update not out for me yet so I'm still on latest beta.

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    @Aries29 The previous bug was because you were using the app incorrectly. You cannot do wall on wall collisions when they are not passable.

    We have 1000's of users and our goal is to make sure that it works for everyone. We can't cater to one specific use case.

    Try increasing the volume of the sound like @Aidan-Oxley suggested.

  • @hamed Hopefully, I’ve test my previous project after the update before uploading it! I’ve increased the volume of each sounds and I think It working well. It just freeze sometimes but I think that it is how I programmed it ^^’

  • @hamed The Play Sound behaviour was at maximum, then I tried the same with Play Music also at maximum, the same sound played with Play Music was waaaaaaaayyyyy louder than using Play Sound.

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    100 is not the maximum. 100 is default. you can go higher than 100!

  • @hamed I'm gonna go try that right now. Is there a maximum? Or does it just keep going until our speakers break?

  • @hamed I know. That is why I am actively participating in forums now to help you do exactly just that. But I seriously hope that every time you update, make sure that "working features" do not get affected. Case in point, your decision to change the sound engine of hyperpad, while intended to hep make it better, "damaged" the existing sounds particularly the "play sound" behavior of our existing projects. Not just me. Even others like Aidan, whm I am closely working with recently, can confirm that. Then you released this update, and now, regardless of the volume, THE SOUND IS STILL NOWHERE CLOSE TO THE WAY IT WAS BEFORE. It's barely audible! You update the app to make it better. So do not ask me to simply try and use "patch up" solutions to a problem that did not exist prior to these two recent updates you've just made on the app. I am here trying to .establish" hyperpad in the education sector. I am essentially helping you guys too. So I hope you won't read this response and consider this just as any other empty rant out there. I care about the platform and I HAVE ALWAYS BELIEVED IN ITS POTENTIAL. But please...stop breaking the features that already work everytime you release an update by at least trying and testing existing games from your users like me or Aidan or anyone out there out of your 1000s of users. It scares the shit out of me to update now thinking that a part of my game will not work anymore again especially now that I have a panel of critics judging not only the game but what hyperpad can really do for ordinary non-programmer users which still represent the biggest population of this planet the last time I checked. If we want hyperpad to be cool and approachable to users from all walks of life, try not to ruin it everytime you update it. That's the bottom line.


    I just found out that aside from the fact that the sounds still sound crap when you put the volume on max for "play sound" behaviors, they literally stop after a sound coming from a pop up overlay plays. That is another issue regarding the current play sound behavior of hyperpad. Please have a look at it by trying to load an overlay with its own sound on top of your existing scene which has its own play sound behaviors too like bullet shooting, etc. Hopefully you can replicate it. Thanks.

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    The sound volume is not broken. It just works differently.

  • @hamed I'm getting confused with my test project, the sounds are not listening to my input (Input field sets volume) and seem to just play at whatever volume they want. Here's a link:
    Square on left plays it as non looping music, square on right plays it as a sound (touch them). Enjoy the amazing sound.

  • Ok, I can set the volume of the sounds manually, but they won't take a number from set input. Also, as long as music is playing, the sound coming from Play Sound is really quiet.

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    Aries, you're more than welcome to take part in the next beta. This way you can see how things change.

    Also, hyperPad is in a constant state of development. If a version is working fine for you, you don't have to update right away. When we switch to things like a new sound engine, or graphics engine, or physics engine. You should expect some changes that are needed to your projects!

    There is only so much we can do to make the transition seamless. But sometimes it comes onto each individual user to make necessary changes and updates to their projects. If this isn't something you're comfortable with doing then stick with an older version until your project is complete.

    Or back up your project, and back up your apps onto iTunes so you can restore to a previous version of the app.

    This is the same thing we as developers deal with when apple releases a new version.

    I get there were some bugs introduced in the previous version but we fixed them. Are there still bugs? very likely. But in the case where the app works differently than before, you just need to adapt.

  • Sound Objects seem to work alright so far. Play sound volume is set to 100, but it acts as though it is set to 20 since it plays at the same volume as a sound object that has its volume left at the default 20.00.

  • @murtaza said in Latest Update destroyed my play sound behaviors!!!!!!!!:

    This is the same thing we as developers deal with when apple releases a new version.

    i.e. iPad Pro 11'' with ratio 199:139

  • @murtaza then please help me fix the issue I posted there. (Shooting sound not returning anymore after a pop-up overlay with its own sound plays back). This used to work before flawlessly. Don't tell that it's a "bug" that Jack and I ended up using as feature in our game. Moreover, one of my levels stutter like this after your update. Here.0_1543722727315_F7FA0813-4795-4AFD-8F6D-503E8D7B754B.MP4

    I am patiently waiting for you to tell me how to solve this unless you intend to update it by letting the play music and play sound behavior work together nicely at 100 percent volume.p lime it used to before these two back to back updates.

    Don't get me wrong, I am more than willing to adapt. But given the state of my project, for the love of God, tell me how.

  • @murtaza said in Latest Update destroyed my play sound behaviors!!!!!!!!:

    The sound volume is not broken. It just works differently.

    Then if you won't admit it is broken, can you tell me how to make both play music and play sound behaviors work nicely with each other? When Aidan's reply below is already saying that "regardless" of the volume, as long as play music plays a background music in the game, the play sound behaviors still sound "tinny?"

    @aidan-oxley said in Latest Update destroyed my play sound behaviors!!!!!!!!:

    Ok, I can set the volume of the sounds manually, but they won't take a number from set input. Also, as long as music is playing, the sound coming from Play Sound is really quiet.

    See this @murtaza and @hamed? There is something wrong about how the play sound and play music behavior works. Saying that they work differently DOES NOT FIX THAT.

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    I meant the volume changes not being a bug. The overlay issue very well may be. We're looking into it.

    Should have a beta available this week with some more bugs fixed. We can add you to that so you can get immediate updates instead of waiting for the entire update to be complete.

  • @murtaza ok, thanks murtaza. I am sorry for my passionate outburst. I just feel so helpless right now after doing everything i can to fix the game only to find it broken here and there in your two recent updates. I hope you know that I feel this way because I love this platform so much. And it means a lot to many teachers out there who are your would-be users who will gladly pay for this app once they see what they can do with it this through the game I have created as part of my research. We will all benefit from this I assure you. I want hyperpad to reach more people who have the capacity to pay and creativity to make interactive games, books, and materials out there. And the one who needs this most are teachers. Hence, my dedication to hyperpad. I look forward to your fix on this overlay and play sound issue soon.

    I can confirm to you now that there is indeed a bug with the overlay and sound behaviors. Try loading the simple "pause" overlay and once you tap continue, the play sound behavior in the scene behind it no longer returns. Please have a look at this and include me in your beta asap.

  • Play music behavior returns once I tap resume/continue after loading the pause overlay. But the bullet sounds triggered by tapping an on screen shoot button, doesn't anymore return like they used to. Also, please make the play sound volume loud. It really isn't audible enough when it plays along with a play music background sound in the scene.

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