Joystick Controlled Behavior Needs Fixing

  • The Joystick Controlled behavior needs improvement. GamePress' Joystick Controlled behavior was great. With HyperPad, even with deceleration at 100, it takes forever to come to a stop. I suggest using the deceleration feature as: 0-100, 0 being "keeps on going at the same speed forever", while 100 is a "stops instantly."

  • Another thing needed is turning deceleration. With 0-100, 0 being "never turns, just keeps on going forever", and 100 being "turns on a dime."

  • I think what you need to do is go to the world properties and change the air resistance, or change the objects air resistance with the set air resistance behavior.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Admin

    As @iTap-Development mentioned,

    the joystick controlled behaviour takes the physics of the rest of the scene into consideration. So you must check your global physics properties, and also the mass/friction of the object.

    Everything should be working as it did in GamePress, the only differeence is the physics engine is slightly different and allows you to make more adjustments. This adds a little extra effort on your part, but gives you more control in what's possible to create so not all games end up feeling the same.

  • Admin

    One more thing I just remembered that not everyone may be aware of. 100% is not the maximum for some things.

    For example, 100% deceleration on joystick controlled does cause the character to slide a bit (giving a Mario like feeling). You can raise this to something like 200% and it should stop quicker.

    The reason for this that the physics engine allows you to go beyond certain thresholds.

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