Rules for making bug submissions

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    Keeping track of the bugs has become quite difficult, and we'd like to fix them ASAP. So from now on to help us fix these bugs faster, stick to the following rules/guidelines when posting a bug.

    If it doesn't follow these rules then the post will be deleted so we can reduce the clutter.

    When making a new post copy/Paste the following forma and answer each.

    iPad Model:
    iOS version:
    hyperPad Version:
    Steps to reproduce:
    Additional info:


    • Make sure your description is accurate, short and to the point. We don't need a novel, or what you think the problem is, or the solution. Just describe the problem clearly. (you can use the additional info section, or a separate reply for adding your thoughts)
    • One Bug per thread! If you have another issue, make a new topic! Don't include it in as a reply, or as part of the original post. This makes it hard for us to find the bug and they will go unnoticed and not be fixed!
    • Before posting a bug, make sure the problem isn't with how your behaviours are set up. To do this create a small test project that isolates the problem using a few behaviours as possible.
      -If you can, include a sample project that shows the bug. Ideally it's the quick test project you created to verify it's not another part of your game affecting it.
    • If you're including a project file, mention where the problem is. What scene, object etc, We don't want to go hunting through thousands of objects to find where your behaviours are.
    • If you have a work around to the bug. Include it in the additional info or as a separate reply.
    • If you stop replying for 30+ days, we assume the bug is not relevant anymore and will be moved to the expire/can't reproduce section.

    Hopefully by sticking to this structure we can fix bugs much faster :)

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