Suggestion: Cumulative Developer Purchasing

  • I think it would make sense to discount the price of lifetime developer based on how much users have already spent on developer. For example, if I buy a month of developer for $15, the lifetime developer becomes $15 cheaper. Right now, there is no reason for me to buy a year of developer, because a month is plenty of time to add all the developer behaviours I need into my project and to export it. If buying a period discounted lifetime, it might be worth it, kind of like a trial. I don't know whether this works with apple's IAP system though.

  • Admin

    Apple doesn't allow this kind of dynamic pricing. With in-app purchases and subscriptions you need to set up the pricing ahead of time. So we can't do a per user pricing.

  • @Murtaza okay, that makes sense. You could get around it by just giving lifetime developer once a user has spent more than that on subscriptions though, right? For example, if I buy developer for a few years in a row so I've spent more than lifetime would cost, give lifetime.

  • Admin

    We could.
    But that sort of ruins the "deal" set in place for life time users.
    The life time option is more of a deal, if you're willing to commit with hyperPad and pay that larger sum upfront, then you get rewarded with a better long term price for your commitment.

    The goal (for us) is to make more money in a short term, then waiting (and hoping) a user sticks around for 10+ months. With more immediate money at our disposal we have more resources for advertising and growing hyperPad.

  • I guess that makes sense, it's just hard to decide whether to buy a month or save up for lifetime, especially if I end up no longer using hyperPad.

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