Raycasting & add/remove tag behaviors

  • These are two things that we cannot currently do in hyperpad and if added would make creating games much easier.

    Raycasting, for example, might be useful in a platformer with custom controls as a more reliable way to see if your character is grounded. Or maybe in a puzzle game where you need to check if several boxes are lined up.

    Tags are a very useful feature, however we still cannot change them while our project is running. My main reason for wanting this is to make the for each behavior, which uses tags, better but there are many more potential uses than that. For example, if our game needs toggleable spikes that the player can interact with, we could add them to the “spikes” group when they are on and have some code in the player to detect when they collide with this specific group instead of having collision behaviors inside of every spike object.

    Edit: I just realized the new get intersecting behavior is somewhat like raycasting, but the full thing with rotations and stuff would be nice

  • Admin

    We definitely need an add/remove tags, I agree. I'm hoping we can add it after the next major update, but that depends on timing and how much progress we can make

    As for raycasting, I agree it'd be a great addition. But I don't think it's the best use of our time right now. It's one of those features that the majority of the hyperPad community won't know how to use and only affects a handful of users. As you've noticed the intersecting objects behaviour is our (temporary) solution.

  • Admin

    Add/Remove tag behaviours have just been added to 1.23 :)

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