Preloading Scene Causes Behaviors To Not Trigger In Global Objects

  • iPad Model: iPad 6th Generation
    iOS version: iOS 12.1.1 (latest version at the moment)
    hyperPad Version: version 1.23
    Description: Preloading a scene then loading that scene causes the behaviors on loaded scene to not trigger upon loading the level. Behaviors that usually execute at the start of the scenes do not execute on a preloaded level in global objects.
    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Have a project with two scenes.
    2. Go to the second scene and set behaviors in a global object that usually trigger upon the level starting. let's have a timer that tracks how long you have been playing on a level for this example, for the sake of time.
    3. Behaviors: On the first scene, preload the second scene and then load the scene.
    4. Play the project starting from the first scene and you'll see that the timer on the second scene doesn't work.
    Don't worry, I have a project set up, that has all these steps done. URL Link is below! Report.tap

  • Admin

    This is actually intended. Global behaviours only get executed once unless you restart the scene and check restart behaviours.

    Global behaviours continue through out each scene.

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